Kindle Bestseller Secrets: 10 Tricks Bestselling Non-Fiction Authors Use To Dominate Kindle


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You’re about to discover the secrets I used to go from struggling self published author to outranking the biggest publishers, hitting #1 best seller status in one of the most competitive categories, and doing it all without a big budget, fan base or spending hours on promotions.

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Don’t waste another second of your time or hard earned dollar marketing your book until you know:

• How bestselling authors guarantee they’ll make a lot of sales before they write a single word. Almost all “average” authors skip this step and are doomed from the start!

• How to see what books people crave so you deliver a red-hot book people will beg you to buy!

• How to position yourself in a niche so you’re seen as hands-down the *best* choice among the competition!

• How to utilize simple psychological tactics in your description that practically FORCE people to buy your book!

• How to get your books in front of thousands and thousands of fans on a shoestring budget. Note: This trick helped shoot my book up to #1 bestseller in under a week!

• How to use a 5 second “trick” to sell more books and increase your royalties by up to 500%!

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• And much more!

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About The Author:

I’ve earned over $5,383 in royalties in 11 days from a single kindle book, taught over 1,300 students from all over the world how to market their kindle books, and regularly network with many of the world’s top kindle authors.

When you buy Kindle Bestseller Secrets, you’re not only getting my insights, but the distilled wisdom from numerous bestselling kindle authors all revealed in one book. I created this book to be the “go-to” guide on kindle self publishing and marketing. It is the book I wish I had when I first got into publishing, and now I’m giving back to fellow authors by offering my best insights in one easy to read guide.

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